Mission Statement

  1. GOAL

    We supply technical ceramics that work.

  2. Customer relationship

    Our customers value us as a reliable and honest partner that understands their needs and realizes them economically.

  3. Management responsibility

    Our management system should not only exist on paper, but should be put into practice. This means: mastering the processes and continuous improvement taking into account the opportunities and risk.

  4. Quality

    Our products are characterized by high quality and complete traceability.

  5. Employees

    We treat our employees with respect and fairness. Since we aim to control our processes and strive for continuous improvement, it is our objective to advance our employees through training.

  6. Health, Safety and Environmentt

    We offer our employees a safe and well-equipped workplace, which is state of the art. The employee has the right to leave the workplace as he found it. We act in an environmentally conscious manner and endeavor to use existing resources carefully.

    Over all the following applies: “Do it all for the glory of God.” (The Bible, 1. Corinthians 10,31)