Custom-made ceramics components

Whether its large-scale production of small components or small-scale production of high-precision components, we find cost-efficient solutions using a wide range of material qualities. Whether working with CeSinit, aluminium dioxide, zirconium oxide or silicon carbide, our expertise with their properties and applications is as comprehensive as our selection of available materials.


We offer a standard range of smooth rods made from CeSinit-CS40 and CeSinit-CS30.

CeSinit rods


Capillaries made from Cesinit, e.g. for liquid handling systems, allow cross-contamination to be reduced and washing cycles to be shortened.


Cesinit 2

CeSinit is great for cutting tools, as it is extremely hard and tough, temperature-resistant and has low wetting properties and high thermal conductivity. It is also ideal for dry machining with materials that tend to stick, such as Inconel, copper, brass, etc.

Cutting tools

Nadeln rollen

Our CeSinit is ideal for manufacturing needles and rollers for bearings. Our thermoforming process allows us to cost-effectively manufacture all kinds of bearing components.

Needles and rollers


Pins and tacks made from CeSinit are for example used in welding and coating, but can also serve as axles in small gears and many other applications.

Pins and tacks


Used in laboratories and analysis as a crucible, and in measurement engineering as a brazing fixture, components from oxide ceramics are favoured largely due to their electrical insulation and temperature resistance properties.

Brazing fixtures