Ceramics for Production-/ Process Engineering

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Production-/ Process Engineering

High-tech solutions made from high-performance ceramics for production and process engineering - we accompany you from the first prototypes to the series production. The properties of our ceramics are also in high demand in production technology. Particularly noteworthy are properties such as toughness, hardness, low wetting and extreme temperature resistance. Conventional materials often cannot keep up. Technical ceramics also have an advantage over all types of coatings.

Thanks to ceramics, the dissipation of process heat can be increased by up to ten times. Conventional materials quickly reach their limits when it comes to nozzles, dies, forming and cutting tools. Very often only the combination with other materials leads the ceramic to success, so we join our ceramics with steel and other materials by means of gluing and shrinking.

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Advantages of our technical ceramics:

  • electrically insulating
  • thermally insulating or conductive
  • low wear
  • high fracture toughness
  • extreme stiffness
  • low weight
  • metal-free
  • low wetting