Ceramics for Analysis- / Laboratory Technology

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Analysis- / Laboratory Technology

Under conditions where conventional materials have already reached their limits, our ceramics keep working. Our ceramics have been providing reliable service in a wide variety of applications in laboratory technology and analysis technology for many years. In particular, the requirement for chemical resistance in combination with the extreme wear resistance pushes the alternative materials out of the race at an early stage.

Above all, the chemical resistance, the inertness and the temperature resistance of our ceramics led to their widespread use in analysis technology. All parts contacting samples in analysis technology must behave neutrally. Wear-free and metal-free crucibles for spectroscopy, heat-conducting and at the same time electrically insulating heating elements are just a few examples of the use of ceramics. Thanks to low wetting and chemical resistance, cross-contamination can be reduced and washing cycles shortened. Thanks to our innovative thermoforming process, we can manufacture capillaries, needles and pipettes of all kinds for handling liquids

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Advantages of our technical ceramics:

  • highest chemical resistance
  • extreme temperature resistance
  • metal-free and chemically inert
  • most different thermal conductivities
  • excellent electrically insulating or conductive
  • low wetting
  • geringe Benetzung