Ceramics for Measuring- / Sensor Technology

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Measuring- / Sensor Technology

Properties such as electrical insulation, high modulus of elasticity, maximum wear resistance paired with extreme dimensional stability are why our ceramics are used in measurement technology. When measuring streets and houses, or when measuring precise pressures, not much would be possible without the use of technical ceramics. Whether as mechanical drives in optical measuring devices, as expansion carriers or membranes for pressure sensors, as calibration mandrels for high-precision measuring machines or as electrically insulating or conductive components that also have to be abrasion-resistant: today, ceramics are indispensable for reliable and efficient measuring technology

Advantages of our technical ceramics:

  • high stiffness
  • highest modulus of elasticity
  • low thermal expansion
  • excellent electrical insulation
  • highest wear resistance
  • new: electrically conductive