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Ceramics Applications

The exceptional properties of our technical ceramics make it impossible to
exhaustively list their areas of application.
But we can give an overview of some of the most important applications here.


Analysis- / Laboratory Technology

Where conventional materials already reach their limits, our ceramics really come into their own.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a classic field of application for our ceramics due to their exceptional electrical and thermal properties.

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Bearing technology

Bearings in high-performance ceramics are used primarily in pump and motor construction and with critical media such as aggressive cleaning agents, acids and alkalis.

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Measuring- / Sensor Technology

It is properties such as electrical insulation, high modulus of elasticity, high wear resistance coupled with extreme dimensional stability that make our ceramics so popular in metrology.

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Production-/ Process Engineering

High-tech solutions made of advanced ceramics for production and process engineering - we accompany you from prototype to series production.

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Semicon / Coating Technology

A modern semiconductor industry and coating technology would not exist without technical ceramics.

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