Ceramics for Semicon / Coating Technology

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Semicon / Coating Technology

A modern semiconductor industry and coating technology would not exist without technical ceramics. Thanks to the durability of components made of high-quality ceramic, the highest standards of the semiconductor industry can be met. Properties such as excellent electrical insulation and temperature resistance are crucial to withstand the high loads: high purity, high temperatures, temperature differences, aggressive chemicals, plasma and ion beams.

Our ceramic materials meet crucial requirements in order to be able to be used in a wide variety of components in thin-film coating systems (PVD, CVD) as well as in powder and plasma coating. Electrical insulation and wear resistance, but also being metal-free and extreme thermal shock resistance, play a decisive role in the success of these technologies. Be it solar cells, televisions or cutting tools, many of today's products are coated in some way.

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Advantages of our technical ceramics:

  • made from high purity materials
  • metal-free
  • extreme thermal shock resistance
  • high wear resistance
  • excellent electrical insulation
  • very good thermal insulation
  • barely wetting