Ceramics analysis technology

In conditions where conventional materials are already reaching their limits, our ceramics still have plenty of mileage in reserve.
Their chemical resistance, inertness and thermal stability in particular have caused them to be widely adopted in analytical engineering.


Thanks to our innovative thermoforming process, we can manufacture capillaries, needles and pipettes of all kinds for handling liquids. Due to their low wetting properties and chemical resistance, cross-contamination can be reduced and washing cycles can be shortened.
Right when doing analysis the used equipment has to be neutral. Wear and metal free needles, small crucibles for spectroscopy or thermal conductive and at the same time electrically insulating heating elements are just some examples for the use of ceramic.

  • highest chemical resistance
  • extreme temeperatur resistance
  • low abrasion
  • free of metal and chemically inert
  • different thermal conductivities
  • excellent wear resistance
  • outstanding electrical insulation or conductive
  • low wettability